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Historical Reflections

The Black Chamber has being around for 75 years. During the Summer of 1990, a new committee was formed to reactivate the Black Chamber and bring it into the 90s as a more viable and relevant economic force.  This committee of professionals and business owners c continued to flourish very well under the leadership of President, Lamont Taylor, for nearly a decade and a half.  At the onset of this committee, Corpus Christi proudly had over 100 Black-owned businesses, six Medical Doctors, and twenty five Black Churches.

In 2004 a group of professionals and business owners began their quest to once again reorganize the Corpus Christi Black Chamber of Commerce-with plans to bringing it into the millennium and beyond, committing to rejuvenate, revitalize and renew this long-standing and vital organization.   The new group began with a new Logo and Motto:   “Soaring To New Heights”. 

On February 14, 2006, the new Board of Directors was installed by Mayor Henry Garrett of the City of Corpus Christi, and was comprised of eleven Business & Professional Women -an all female Board of Directors-an historical event in of itself.  With the installation of the new Board, the City of Corpus Christi became more aware that the Corpus Christi Black Chamber of Commerce was back in business. 

Also, as a means to help our underprivileged youth, this Board established a Scholarship Fund to assist African American students graduating from high school with plans to enroll in a college or university of their choice.  One of the qualifying requirements is a written essay on how he/she will support/give back to the Black Community.